Best Amish Popcorn vs Regular Popcorn - Eat Like No One Else (2024)

Whether it's an Amish, heirloom, heritage, hulless, or whatever word you want to add in front, these are the best popcorn varieties you will find in America. Try any of these and you certainly will taste how they are different from "regular popcorn". We also list varieties that you can try to grow yourself.

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If you are getting ready to pop your own popcorn, most people may think it comes down to two choices - yellow or white.

But popcorn is so much more than just that. There are so many amazing varieties out there. Some I have discovered at farmer's markets, in specialty stores, in Amish bulk food stores, or in seed catalogs.

There is a diverse world of popcorn kernels out there waiting to be popped, or even planted in our own garden. This post is going to be all about the best popped maize for you fancy people or Michigan Wolverine fans (Go Blue!). We will look at Amish popcorn first and also some heirloom or heritage varieties as well. Let's get poppin'!

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  • 📜 Brief History of Popcorn
  • 🚜 Amish Country
  • 🛒Order Amish County Popcorn
  • 🌳 Bur Oaks Farm Red
  • 💪 Tiny But Mighty Heirloom
  • 🦋 Monarch Butterfly
  • ⚫ Dakota Black
  • 🧈 Pennsylvania Dutch Butter
  • 🌱 Grow Your Own Popcorn
  • 🧂 Salting Your Popcorn
  • 🍿 Popcorn FAQ

📜 Brief History of Popcorn

Although popcorn has been around for sometime, it was really in the 19th century that it began to become popular. Equipment was invented to be able to pop it and sell it from carts.

The time period in which really took off with a bang was during the Great Depression. Popcorn was cheap enough people could afford it still during difficult times. Once movie theaters realized they could pop their own popcorn and sell it for eating during the films, popcorn had a firm grasp as one of the top snacks in America.

🚜 Amish Country

Amish Country was founded by Brian Lehman at the family farm in Berne, Indiana. His dad planted popcorn for him when he was 6 years old. He fell in love with it and has been growing it ever since. Brian likes growing different types of popcorn because different people like different popcorns. He wants to satisfy ever customer.

  • Blue
  • Baby White
  • Baby Yellow
  • Extra Large Caramel Type
  • Ladyfinger
  • Midnight Blue
  • Medium White Hulless
  • Rainbow (a blend of different colored kernels)
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Medium Yellow
  • Mushroom

The differences in these popcorn types besides the color comes down to - the size that they pop into, how thick the hull is, tenderness, crunchiness and the flavor. Here is a list of what varieties are best for each category.

For a traditional popcorn flavorMedium Yellow
For an unique popcorn flavorBlue, Midnight Blue, Red, Rainbow, Purple
For a sweet flavorBlue, Midnight Blue
For hulllessMedium White Hulless, Baby White, Ladyfinger, Midnight Blue, Medium White
For smaller popcornBaby White, Baby Yellow, or Ladyfinger
For a cruncher popcornBaby Yellow, Mushroom
For a tender popcornLadyfinger
For larger popcorn (great for making caramel corn)Mushroom, Extra Large Caramel

It's fun to invite people over and pop up several different types, see what they think. All of their varieties are non-GMO in case you were wondering.

What is Hulless Popcorn - This term does not mean that the popcorn does not have any hulls. It means that they hulls are so fragile that when the popcorn pops the hulls break into tiny pieces. You won't find them getting stuck in your teeth very much.

🛒Order Amish County Popcorn

Want to try all the different types of popcorn from Amish Country? Have a popcorn tasting party when you order these variety packs on Amazon.

Let me share some other types of popcorn you should be checking out including some heirloom or heritage types.

Tip - For distributing butter onto your popcorn try the Ergo Spout Mini. It attaches to any regular sized Ball or Mason jar. Melt the butter in the jar and then attach the spout. Super easy and works well to evenly distribute the butter.

🌳 Bur Oaks Farm Red

This is the popcorn that started it all for me. Before I ate this popcorn for the first time I never knew anything other than the generic yellow or white stuff found in every grocery store. For me this is a locally grown variety, here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I discovered it around town.

You will notice when you pop this popcorn it looks different in the bowl. It appears whiter and you can still make out some of the broken up pieces of the red pericarp (the outer layer of the kernel). Besides the obvious color difference, the biggest thing that sets it apart from your everyday yellow popcorn is the tenderness. Tom Bloomer from Bur Oaks Farms say that is the real selling point of his red popcorn.

Where to Buy: You can buy their popcorn right off their website. They also sell a white variety along with some gift boxes featuring Michigan products.

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💪 Tiny But Mighty Heirloom

This heirloom variety of popcorn I first discovered at Whole Foods Market. The word "heirloom" attracted my attention and the story got me hooked. In the 1850s this variety of popcorn was discovered by Samuel Kelty. It remained in the family for generations. It was almost lost. Samuel’s great, great, great grandson, Richard found his mom ready to pop the last of the kernels they had. He stopped her to grab some to plant. Because of that split second decision we still have this variety around the people all over the nation are enjoying it.

I asked Tiny But Mighty Foods how they would describe their popcorn in their own words. They said:

Our variety is a one of a kind, rare heirloom that dates back to the 1850's. It's very tiny, so it doesn't have the shells that get stuck in your teeth, and it's easier to digest. The color of the variety is what we call a lemon-yellow. We are Non-GMO Project Verified

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This is my kids' favorite popcorn. My oldest daughter wouldn't eat any other popcorn at first - see has come around since. The kids love that the popcorn is small and doesn't get stuck in their teeth. If you want to feed popcorn to your kids this is the type of popcorn I would recommend.

Where to Buy: You can find their popcorn unpopped and popped at Whole Foods Market. A money saving tip, check the bulk section. You often can buy it there. Tiny But Mighty have a store locator on their website that you can use to search for their popcorn. You can also buy it on Amazon

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🦋 Monarch Butterfly

In the winter of 2016, my wife and my youngest daughter took a trip out to California to surprise my father in law for his birthday. While they did that, the other 2 kids and I took a short trip to Wisconsin. One of the things on my list to do was visit Brennan's Market. I really enjoyed this store when I was visiting Madison, Wisconsin in 2010.

After looking at the great cheese selection, I came upon a display with popcorn. A couple different varieties were available. The popcornthat I was excited to try was the Monarch Butterfly popcorn. At Brennan'sthe popcorn was described as having an "exceptional yellow corn taste".

Being a lover of taste, I bought a container and popped it up as soon as I got back home. I decided to try it freshly popped even before adding salt. I tasted flavor without the salt. Once I added the salt it as over. Monarch Butterflywas the most flavorful popcorn I ever tasted. This may sound corny to your ears but the popcorn has a real corny flavor.

I contacted Wisconsin Gold Harvest and asked them what makes their corn so special. Colleen said:

Popcorn is special...not like field corn. Different varieties like different conditions. Along with Mother Nature, the popcorn seed growers are key as they produce the seed varieties we plant, they are constantly trying to improve. As farmers, we need to be true observers of nature and we have to take care of the soil. It's a combination of many factors, only some of which we control.

Where to Buy: Find their popcorn at Woodman's Markets in Wisconsin. You can also purchase it directly from them by visiting their website.

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⚫ Dakota Black

In 2019, I went to Portland, OR for a food blogging conference - yes they are a thing! I was excited to see a vendor there selling as well as popping Dakota black popcorn. The grower was really embracing a variety that isn't as easy to grow. It produces a popcorn that has a delightful nutty flavor.

I had found this popcorn earlier at a market in Toledo, OH, so glad to see it's being grown on both sides of this country.

Where to Buy: I have only found it from small farmers at markets. The seeds are available from many different sources. Black Jewell is a brand that sells a black popcorn but it's not the same variety.

🧈 Pennsylvania Dutch Butter

As the name would suggest this popcorn tastes like someone already put some butter on it. It's crazy and amazing. The kernels themselves are white and look indistinguible from most white popcorn on the market.

Where to Buy: I have only found it from small farmers at markets. The seeds are available from many different sources. Black Jewell is a brand that sells a black popcorn but it's not the same variety.

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🌱 Grow Your Own Popcorn

Growing your own popcorn gets you the opportunity to taste different types you won't find in any store. My favorite source for buying popcorn is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They offer a fantastic selection of popcorn varieties of different colors, flavors, and textures. You can see if they had any of the varieties mentioned post (I know they do Dakota Black) or find something new to try.

🧂 Salting Your Popcorn

You can't have a discussion about popcorn without talking about salt. Whether you are looking to find what salt is best for popcorn (spoiler - I use Redmond Real Salt), or you are looking to turn any salt into popcorn salt, it's what is needed to truly taste the differences in the varieties of popcorn.

I am sure from time to time you have over salted your popcorn. There are a few techniques you can read about in our post - How to Not Oversalt Your Popcorn.

🍿 Popcorn FAQ

Here are some questions that I am frequently asked about popcorn:

  • Can You Vacuum Seal Popcorn?
  • Can You Reduce Unpopped Kernels?
  • What's the Best Method for Microwave Popcorn?

What types of varieties of popcorn have you tried? Leave a comment below sharing your favorites. We would love to hear from you!

Best Amish Popcorn vs Regular Popcorn - Eat Like No One Else (2024)
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